Whether your company is a market leader, a niche player, or an organization looking to make the jump to the next level, our seasoned team of recruiting professionals can help. At Critical Path, we bring more than 30 years of recruiting excellence to your team as an extension of your recruiting network. Our expertise is exclusively pharmaceutical and biotechnology focused, better preparing us to meet the challenges of your organization in the search for the most sought after talent in the industry.

Our team uses a “Customer Centered” approach. Through knowing you, your culture, and qualities that make individuals successful in your environment, we become a more valuable business partner. We recognize the need to look below the surface when evaluating a prospective candidate.

  • How well matched are the candidates skills to the department’s needs?
  • How well does the individual fit with the company’s strategic personnel initiatives?
  • Are individual goals aligned with corporate objectives?
  • Does the candidate bring additional resources to the group?
  • How committed is the candidate to fairly evaluate a given opportunity?

We recognize the need to look beyond the candidates “technical” qualifications and consider how well the individual will assimilate into your business environment. It’s not just about being the best qualified, it’s about being the best fit!

We measure our success based on that of our clients. Together we can accomplish your goals!